The Great White Xenophobe

The Great White Xenophobe is a solitary creature
Spending its life in the shallows of Human Existence
It is intolerant by nature and will attack without provocation
It spends its days seeking out and circling its prey
And will sink its teeth into even the most rancid piece of meat
The slightest drop of blood in the water
Will attract other Great White Xenophobes
And a feeding frenzy will ensue
It thrives best in an atmosphere of fear and hate

Little is known about the breeding habits
Of the Great White Xenophobe
Although it has been rumoured to engage
In perverse and bazaar sexual behaviour
Though these reports cannot be substantiated

The Great White Xenophobe
Is an endangered species
And despite calls for its protection
There is a concerted effort to hunt it to extinction
And rid the planet of one of the most loathsome creatures
To ever walk the face of the Earth

T J Therien