For those interested. I am currently reformatting “Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion.” I hope to have the re-formatted edition ready for August 1st. Changes include the addition of a Preface, removing the emphasis on Poetic form and categorizing by subject matter and the deletion of the short stories at the back of the book. The Stories will be re-edited and included in a book of short stories. On August 1st my attention will turn to completing “Forever: The First Epoch” (my Romance) with the intention of publishing on Valentine’s Day 2016. Well that’s about it from the update front, with the exception of cutting ties with the Toronto Writers Collective over philosophical and ethical differences in dealing with marginalized communities. The main difference being I refuse to see people as anything but people, I believe the TWC is more interested in keeping the grant money and donations flowing than they are in taking an interest in the actual lives of the people that attend the workshops which are held in homeless shelters, women’s shelters, rape crisis centers, the gay village, etc… People are identified by the workshop they attend and paid employees of the TWC and their partner Ve’ahavta are not permitted to form friendships with people that have used Ve’ahavta services. That person is forever branded a Client by a charitable organization and hence in my mind are practicing a subtle form of systemic discrimination of people who were at one time homeless. Although, housed and leading a productive life they are used as nothing more than feel good stories to generate more money. I also believe it is one thing to say inside a workshop that all works are to be treated as fiction and quite another to say that to the world at large when bringing attention to these writings by means of Spoken Word Events, Video Testimonial on their web page and through their intention to publish the works of participants using words like Words from the Street and Authentic Voice which actually imply the verity of the words written by participants. I see it as borderline exploitation as there is little benefit to the individual, the organizations benefit and can continue to pay salaries and raise awareness, but the participant will have to live with the knowledge there is a percentage of people that will judge them because their stories were made public, even if it is with consent, I do not feel participants are properly informed of the possible consequences that could arise from sharing in so public a forum. Also there is a lack of interest to develop Participants as Writers beyond getting their personal stories.

Anyway that’s it for me, stay posted for news of the re-release of the new and improved “Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion.

T J Therien

For anyone in the Toronto area

I would like to extend an invite to anyone in the Toronto area who is interested in writing to come on down to Evangel Hall Wednesday mornings 10:00-11:30am or 519 Church Street Sundays noon-1:30. These are open workshops where I co-facilitate. If you do decide to attend one of the workshops I only ask you be mindful and respectful of the communities in which they are held. The workshops are based on prompt driven writing and positive feedback on shared pieces. These workshops are a great place to get the creative juices flowing and to work on a writer’s literary voice.

Would That I Could

(While co-facilitating a creative writing day for the Toronto Writers Collective on Tuesday I wrote this in ten minutes to the prompt of “I would if I could.”)


Would that I could heal the sick and feed the poor

I would do this much and so much more

I would write right the world’s wrongs

Create a better place existing beyond verse and songs

And teach Humanity love is at the core


We can do so much better, so much more

Than waste our time on senseless war

This is what my heart really longs

Would that I could


I would deconstruct the myths and lore

Make poverty and illness a thing of yore

Pass the pipe and fire up the bongs

Pull from the forge of my mind with iron wrought tongs

A world that is worth fighting for

Would that I could



T J Therien