Proportional Response

Proportional response to an act of terrorism means going after the people who drove the car into the crowd, not blaming the crowd. It is an act of terrorism because it was done to advance the Nazi agenda as a show of force. Deflecting blame in this circumstance is defending Nazis. Proportional response means the KKK and other white supremacists groups go back on the Terrorist Watch List and that we charge those that engage in intimidation tactics. Meaning anyone photographed with a weapon or a shield or a firearm at any of the Alt Right protests like the one in Charlottesville. This is arming for conflict not peaceful protest and it’s object is to intimidate and cause terror. This is not freedom of speech, this is threatening behavior and should have legal repercussions. Proportional response demands we go after these Nazis with the same vigor as our forefathers who are no doubt rolling in their graves now that Nazis openly march in America and the President declares them lawful despite the threatening behavior these Nazis displayed for days. Proportional response demands that if you send the National Guard to deal with Native Americans burning sage and praying you send in the whole fucking army to deal with these bastards.


In Defence of Freedom of Speech (An Open Letter to My Government)

Good Morning Prime Minister Stephen Harper, CSIS, RCMP and whoever else is monitoring us.

I am sick of my Government trampling my Civil Rights. I will not have my Government tell me what I can or cannot say, what I can and cannot support or make my right to peaceful protest on behalf of the environment an act of terror.

If it is now Criminal for me to say these things so be it. It needs to be said. I will also commit my support to peaceful protesting any more pipelines. If peaceful protest makes me a terrorist then I am a terrorist and proud of the fact and I am in much esteemed company because Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also a terrorist as defined by Bill C-51. His Rhetoric has put Canada on the terrorist map putting all Canadians at Risk. His over investing in Oil has put the Canadian Economy in jeopardy and is in fact threatening that Economy. Also his unwavering support of Israeli atrocities means he is supporting a Terrorist Organization because who else would bomb a UN Hospital or School but a terrorist, regardless what they believe might be in there. This is a War Crime and a Violation of International Law and there are diplomatic processes to be observed if munitions are suspected of being stored in a UN Hospital or School.

I support the Palestinian cause. I support a two State solution. I do not condone violence, but I also understand when you back an animal in a corner it will attack. The Palestinians live in what amounts to a giant Concentration Camp. Everything that goes in and out of Palestinian territory is tightly controlled and even aid is denied at times. A Palestinian child can be shot by an Israeli soldier for nothing more than climbing a wall. I believe the internment of an entire people is wrong. I believe Israeli settlements outside the territory designated by the UN is militant occupation. If an American can protect his home with a gun, why can’t a Palestinian?

I have nothing against the Jewish Faith, or the Jewish People, my indictment is of the Israeli Government which I see as operating like a bunch of Nazi’s. Historically the land was Palestinian long before it was Israeli. According to archeological evidence the Tribe of Israel existed, but they were just one of many Palestinian Tribes and this means they were Palestinian before they were ever Jewish. Also I would like to say, Israel came about after the bombing of the King Edward Hotel in Jerusalem. Until recently the Israeli parliament was composed of a great deal of people involved in that bombing. The State of Israel was born in Terror, and they condemn the Palestinian for using the same method they used to achieve Statehood. Also if the Palestinians are not allowed a standing army how can they defend themselves against aggression? We supported the Rebels in Syria. Were they not also terrorists in picking up arms to forcefully overthrow their Government? We know now some of them were as they now make up part of ISIL and we armed them to boot. Do you believe Palestinians are any less oppressed than Syrians?

I never have and never will support violence as a solution, but if you give people no other choice you have to expect it. If diplomacy is abandoned the result will almost always be violence. I do not support any Organization or Government that enforces their ideology with a gun. I am defending my right to free speech. I am defending my Civil Liberties. I am defending my rights which Bill C51 have stripped from me. I will not stand for it any longer.

Please do not like or share this post. Do not incriminate yourself by showing support for someone who’s Government probably considers a Terrorist even though I advocate Peace Love and Tolerance.

T J Therien

The Damaging Effects of Language

Can we please stop using the terms “Radical Islam” and “Islamic Extremists?” We do not use the terms “Radical Christian” or “Christian Extremist” to describe the Klan, or the bible thumping south that believe the world is only 6000 years old and don’t believe Global Warming is real. Did we call those in Waco Texas Extreme Christians. No we didn’t. We called it a cult. We don’t use the terms “Radical Judaism” or “Jewish Extremists” to describe Zionists that want expand settlements into Palestinian land and redefine the borders of Israel to reflect those borders laid out in scripture and willing to enforce it with the gun. It’s simple; none of these groups are the standard bearer of their Religions and each of these groups go against what is at any Religions core, which is Love. Let’s just drop all Religious connotations and call them what they are, criminals and murderers.

Adding a Religious connotation to Radical, or Extremist only reinforces the idea that all that follow the religion being extremist and radical. I also consider it Hate Speech, just as I do the caricatures depicting the Muslim Religion and Mohammed. Think back to WWII Germany and the caricatures that depicted those of Jewish Faith in an unsavory light. There is no difference other than the Religion. They are equally distasteful and disgusting today as they were in the years leading up to the War and they do not deserve the protection of Freedom of Expression.

There are good and bad people of all Faiths and walks of life and the bad are not representative of the Faith, or group. We are all flesh and blood, we all have feelings and we all have our beliefs, we are all Human and in each of us is the capacity of Good and Evil. Let’s focus on what is Good about ourselves and others. Let’s focus on our similarities rather than our differences. Whether religious or not, let’s focus on what the true message of these doctrines are, which is Love, Tolerance, Acceptance and Charity.

For the record, I am agnostic and a follower of no Faith.

T J Therien


This week, two brothers were arrested in Canada for trying to leave the Country to participate in insurgency abroad. From what I can tell these were pre-emptive arrests, or in other words, arrests based on intentions, or pre-crime. While I don’t condone anything that has to do with the taking of Human Life, and we should try to prevent any efforts to do so, arresting people before perpetrating a crime smacks the face of all that is Democratic. I don’t know all the details involved in the arrests, or what type of evidence there is against these two because the government is be tight lipped, but there is a big difference between action and intent, or thoughts expressed. Part of me believes these are the actions of an overzealous government in what amounts to a PR move. This is Orwellian in scale, as the RCMP are now the Nation’s thought police.

If these two brothers were intent to fight abroad, why not let them go and charge them upon their return, or arrange for arrest when they reach their destination and connect with a terrorist organization in the country of their destination through channels of shared international intelligence.

There is a real lack of transparency surrounding these arrests that scares the hell out of me. Especially in light of my government announcing previously that Environmentalists will be classified as extremists. Will arrests of Environmentalists be conducted in the same way, especially when it comes to the planning of protesting proposed pipelines? This is a scary and sobering thought as the road has be paved for our government to do this through post 9-11 legislation that was bulked up in light of the recent lone wolf attacks that transpired in Canada last year, legislation that only gives the illusion of security when in fact they have put Canadians in harm’s way. The enacting of such legislation tells me that Terrorism is having its desired effect as governments caught up in hyper-vigil paranoia strip away civil liberties and cast the light of suspicion on neighbors.

Are these the Salem Witch Trials of our Generation? Is this our version of the Spanish Inquisition? Is this our “1984?” How will History view this period in Human History? Hindsight is 20/20 so I have the feeling History will view our Times in similar ways we view those events I have mentioned.

Until there is more transparency on this issue I will have a hard time trusting my own government and law enforcement. I grew up with the philosophy that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I also grew up believing that you could only be arrested if you actually committed a crime. But now I live in an era in which those ideals are being tested.

I am not sympathizing with terrorists. I am worried we have lost our Freedom, something our forefathers fought and died for. We mar their memory with the enacting of laws that take those Freedoms away. The principals upon which our Country was founded are being flushed down the toilet for a false sense of security.

T J Therien

Freedom of Expression???

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, what does it mean? Let’s be real here, we do not have complete freedom of speech and less liberty where freedom of expression is concerned. Anything that crosses into Hate Speech is illegal. So too is shooting a bunch of people, but that could be argued to be a form of expression, an expression of anger, it doesn’t make it right. I do not condone the attacks on the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, but at the same time I don’t condone lambasting people’s religious beliefs through satirical cartoon. Why such images disturb me is because it is reminiscent of the same caricatures used to depict Jewish people in Nazi Germany leading up to the Second World War. If such images were not right then they are not right now. To me, this crosses into Hate Speech. This is just my opinion but I think it is wrong to set out to intentionally offend people. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Political Correctness either, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. As a writer, I approach my writing without fear of reprisal, or of offending people, but at the same time there are things I will not write. I believe part of a writer’s job is to say the unsaid, so I will say this in closing. If you are going to go around punching tigers in the face don’t be surprised if they tear you to pieces and bite your face off. The only way to conquer Hate is through Love, aggression only fuels further aggression and all we are doing is breeding the next generation of extremist.

T J Therien

True Terrorism

Come here and sit down beside me, my friend,
I’ll tell you how this will play out and end,
I’ll read the script if you lend me your ear,
Terrorists and Politicians feed off fear,
“If you elect him he will raise your taxes,”
“They will attack if security laxes,”
“Be vigilant and report your neighbors,”
The empty echo of rattling sabers,
Back against the wall and up in arms,
The world is chock-full of ills and harms,
But wrap your mind around this if you can
There is no such thing as the boogey-man
And remember this when you cast your vote
We put these crocodiles in our moat

T J Therien