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I regrettably announce that I have removed Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines from my catalogue. Broken Bloodlines will be re-published at a date in the future yet to be determined. Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen will remain available digitally for free as will Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion. I have decided before proceeding with publishing any other books I would like to find an Editor who I can work with on an ongoing basis. I need to find the right person for the job and that could take a while.

In the meantime I will continue to write and create. In future I may use this space as a testing ground for some of my writing. I am going to try to keep a schedule of posting once a week, I am just trying to determine what day that will be. This page will still be primarily dedicated to the poetry I write although I reserve the right to post whatever my given fancy on any given day.

T J Therien


A Small Excert From “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines”

The child, as young as she was, had an awareness that far exceeded her years. The Royal Daughter made those in her presence uncomfortable with her level of understanding, even her teachers shifted beneath her gaze. The child’s maturity was most unnatural.

Ffiona stood no higher than her mother’s hip and her white hair was spun shoulder length. She wore the miniature vestments of a Priestess of the Great Spider. She stood as silent and unmoving as a statue at Rianon’s side and took in all that she saw and heard. Her mother would quiz her later. Her mother always quizzed her later. She knew she must pay particular attention when affairs of state were being conducted.

Elan, Elan of the thousand ears, that’s what they call him. Something about cutting the ears off his enemies. What a horrible thing to do. It accomplishes nothing but earn the disgust of both friend and foe, the child thought as she remembered her preparations for this meeting.

T J Therien

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Sample from NaNoWriMo14 “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines

I have started in earnest the editing of “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines” here is a little sample from Chapter One

Chapter One

“There is no poison more potent or powerful than jealousy. Blood becomes bile. What was sweet becomes bitter. What was tender becomes hard and callous. Jealousy, once introduced into the bloodstream, infects the brain and sickens the spirit with the shades and spectres of suspicion. But one drop will kill all trust…”
The Dark Texts

The bed on which she lay was carved of stone and polished smooth. He collapsed, limp and spent and rolled off of her. Myfanwy rolled from her back and curled like a serpent around the torso of the naked Drow beside her. She held her face above his, her long white hair fell down about his face and made his nose twitch. Cadfrawd could feel her long black nails grazing the flesh of his chest and her breath hot upon his neck as he looked up into her eyes that flickered red in the dark. The Captain of the Guard reached up and took a handful of her hair near the roots and drew her lips near to his. Myfanwy bit down on his bottom lip. Blood trickled from the tiny teeth marks. He bit her lip in return as she straddled him. Their limbs twined and tangled and they mated yet another time. The High Priestess of Darryn had veracious appetites and her hungers were not easily satiated, nor were her ambitions.

“Tell me, my dear consort, does it not bother you that we were left behind in Darryn when every other Drow of significance has absconded to the Holy City?” Myfanwy said as she softly lisped the words.

“Not every Drow of significance, the High Priestess of Darryn is a Drow of special significance,” Cadfrawd said trying to appease her lest she fly off again in one of her rages.

“Your attempts to coddle me are in vain, concubine. What am I the High Priestess of? An abandoned outpost, a forsaken city, soon to be the forgotten one,” Myfanwy hissed and her eyes flamed.

“Rianon trusted you to rule this Forsaken City and the Iron Hills. You are Rianon’s left hand. You are her eyes and her will in the east. Are you not satisfied with the boon our Queen has granted you?” Cadfrawd asked attempting to mollify her.

“No, I’m not satisfied. Nor should I be. I’ve been relegated to rule over nothing. My ambitions have all but been snuffed out altogether. As have yours, my dear Cadfrawd, Captain of the Guard of Darryn. You are Captain of Nothing. And you are only my consort for so long as it amuses me,” Myfanwy disengaged from their embrace and rose as she spoke.

Why do I cling to a silly sentimentality where he is concerned? Myfanwy thought and her mind wandered back six years when the Captain of the Guard coupled with her on that very floor while Rianon watched. Myfanwy found herself staring at that very spot on the floor.

Cadfrawd watched her as she stood with her back to him. He knew she was right. Cadfeal had been promoted to Master of Assassins; Elan was vying for Master of Spies and had been all but promised the post by Rianon. There was a new Master of Poisons and Cadfrawd had merely stepped into a position he had already occupied. Cadfrawd’s reward was this beautiful young creature, that he would be her concubine.

The Captain of the Guard sat up. He gazed long and hard at Myfanwy and sought within him words that could soothe her. I must be cautious and careful in what I say, Myfanwy is every bit as dangerous as Rianon, maybe more so…so young and so prone to emotional outbursts, Cadfrawd thought.

“My dear High Priestess, you look at it all wrong. Don’t you see the advantage you’ve been given. Under your stewardship, Darryn will once more grow and thrive and may one day even rival the Holy City. You are the mother to one thousand acolytes and an army of two thousand soldier-assassins. You are young and you have already risen in rank to High Priestess,” Cadfrawd said slyly.

“I am no fool. I know I will never be Queen. Ffiona, the Royal Daughter is being groomed for that post. No, Cadfrawd, I’ve been stuck in Darryn to rot, as have you!” Myfanwy hissed as she slipped into a transparent black robe.

Cadfrawd rose to his feet and slowly dressed. Consort of the High Priestess, or not, he had been dismissed. He knew better that provoke another tantrum. Myfanwy was too hot and he had learned in the five years of being her concubine that it was best not to further feed the fire. The Captain of the Guard made the final adjustments to his leathers before he bowed to the back of the beautiful young Drow High Priestess. She did not turn, but kept her back to him as he left her chamber.

T J Therien

A Small Taste from NaNoWriMo14’s “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines”

“Walk with me while we go over your lessons for the day,” Cadfeal said to the Royal Daughter.

Ffiona fell into step alongside of the Master of Assassins. She had to walk briskly to match the long strides of her instructor. Cadfeal refused to slow his pace to accommodate her. The Royal Daughter would be shown no special treatment and receive no privilege from the Master of Assassins. He would treat her as he would any other low level common Drow. This, in his mind, was part of her training.

Ffiona felt at times the Master of Assassins was unduly hard on her. He was unlike any of her other teachers. The others tended to fear the wrath of her mother too much to be heavy handed with her. Cadfeal seemed not to have that fear.

Her mother had explained to her that it was imperative the Master of Assassins treat her thusly if she was to understand those she would one day rule. Rianon refused to discipline Cadfeal, much to Ffiona’s chagrin. Instead Rianon insisted the Master of Assassins be even harder on the child to toughen her up.

If you are to succeed me one day, you must be strong. You are too soft, my daughter. The only way to develop the required callouses of the psyche needed to rule is if your teachers treat you as they would any other Drow, Ffiona could hear her mother’s words echo in her head as she struggled to keep up with Cadfeal.

When I am Queen, I will teach you a lesson, or two, just you wait Cadfeal, just you wait, Ffiona delighted in the thought.

T J Therien

A little teaser from my NaNoWriMo14 project “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines”

“There is no poison more potent or powerful than jealousy. Blood becomes bile. What was sweet becomes bitter. What was tender becomes hard and callous. Jealousy, once introduced into the bloodstream, infects the brain and sickens the spirit with the shades and spectres of suspicion. But one drop will kill all trust…”
The Dark Texts

T J Therien