Another Untitled Poem

Son of bitches

They’re hunting witches

It’s fucking Salem all over again

Leakers and snitches

Are digging ditches

And the free press is a presidential pain

To increase his riches

Trump catches while Putin pitches

And America goes down the drain



This week, two brothers were arrested in Canada for trying to leave the Country to participate in insurgency abroad. From what I can tell these were pre-emptive arrests, or in other words, arrests based on intentions, or pre-crime. While I don’t condone anything that has to do with the taking of Human Life, and we should try to prevent any efforts to do so, arresting people before perpetrating a crime smacks the face of all that is Democratic. I don’t know all the details involved in the arrests, or what type of evidence there is against these two because the government is be tight lipped, but there is a big difference between action and intent, or thoughts expressed. Part of me believes these are the actions of an overzealous government in what amounts to a PR move. This is Orwellian in scale, as the RCMP are now the Nation’s thought police.

If these two brothers were intent to fight abroad, why not let them go and charge them upon their return, or arrange for arrest when they reach their destination and connect with a terrorist organization in the country of their destination through channels of shared international intelligence.

There is a real lack of transparency surrounding these arrests that scares the hell out of me. Especially in light of my government announcing previously that Environmentalists will be classified as extremists. Will arrests of Environmentalists be conducted in the same way, especially when it comes to the planning of protesting proposed pipelines? This is a scary and sobering thought as the road has be paved for our government to do this through post 9-11 legislation that was bulked up in light of the recent lone wolf attacks that transpired in Canada last year, legislation that only gives the illusion of security when in fact they have put Canadians in harm’s way. The enacting of such legislation tells me that Terrorism is having its desired effect as governments caught up in hyper-vigil paranoia strip away civil liberties and cast the light of suspicion on neighbors.

Are these the Salem Witch Trials of our Generation? Is this our version of the Spanish Inquisition? Is this our “1984?” How will History view this period in Human History? Hindsight is 20/20 so I have the feeling History will view our Times in similar ways we view those events I have mentioned.

Until there is more transparency on this issue I will have a hard time trusting my own government and law enforcement. I grew up with the philosophy that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I also grew up believing that you could only be arrested if you actually committed a crime. But now I live in an era in which those ideals are being tested.

I am not sympathizing with terrorists. I am worried we have lost our Freedom, something our forefathers fought and died for. We mar their memory with the enacting of laws that take those Freedoms away. The principals upon which our Country was founded are being flushed down the toilet for a false sense of security.

T J Therien