Living Vicariously

It is in young lovers that I see
The thing in life I wish most for me…

That soulful look, that heartfelt stare,
That special something so very rare,
The bond that binds, that spiritual connection,
Those sweet nothings dripping with affection,
A gentle smile to kiss, a tender ear to whisper in,
The pitter-pat of two hearts beating in unison,
Those feelings that make it hard to concentrate,
An ideal partner, a best friend, a soul-mate

It is in young lovers that I see
The thing in life I wish most for me…

T J Therien



Tu es Belle,
Tres desirable
Tu es une belle fleur dans le pays sauvage du mon Coeur

T J Therien

You are beautiful
Very desirable
You are a beautiful flower in the savage lands of my heart)

*could not insert proper accents because I’m set up for English and trial software does not allow me to change to French

Could You Love Me

Could you love me for who I am?
Love me in pentameter iamb
And find it in your heart to care
For a Poet without a prayer,
With a heart measured by the gram

If I drew you a diagram
Of rise and fall of diaphragm
From breathing emotion like air,
Could you love me?

Tell me you don’t give a damn,
It doesn’t bother you a dram,
My missing teeth and thinning hair
Please, see beyond the clothes I wear,
As sure as Aries is the Ram,
Could you love me?

T J Therien

A Night with the Fay

How could I resist the chance to lay
Beneath sky and willow with the Fay
Lady of the lake, maid of the mist
The object of my summertime tryst
I kneel in her temple and pray

And beautiful Fay would have her way
Beneath willow branch that dance and sway
As I kiss the inside of her wrist
How could I resist

She bathes me in the calm of her quay
Baptize my eyes with the ocean spray
Feeds me from sweetest lips ever kissed
While our limbs entwine and torsos twist
I try to leave, she begs me to stay
How could I resist

T J Therien

(From “Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion by T J Therien)