A Modern Christmas Carol

Away in the detention camp

Migrant children, they wept

Jesus and Maria

In cages were kept

Caught by ICE agents

Crossing the border, they crept

Taken into custody

Where they died from neglect

The President smiled when he awoke Christmas morn’

Trump celebrates as another baby from migrant mother’s arms is torn


T J Therien


A Creature of the Province

The City is a Custodian

Unfortunately not the kind that protects something valuable on behalf of the people

But the type that’s left to mop up the messes of the Province

That is the role of this lowly creature.

The Fatal Flaw

I’ve come to the conclusion
The problem isn’t with Capitalism
Democracy, Communism
Or Socialism, per se
The problem is people
People are corruptible
And power corrupts
But this is nothing new
It just took me this long to come to terms
With a truth I did not want to accept
(regardless the political and economic model,)
Are doomed to fail solely because
We cannot remove the one fatal flaw

T J Therien