NaPoWriMo Day 1 Results

The Pillar of Faith
by T J Therien

Trying to cipher purpose and meaning
From every experience, hurt and heartache
In each of life’s lessons gleaning
What can only be learned by mistake
What can only be taught when unlearned
It’s a colloquial paradox
In spite of all the knowledge earned
The keys held don’t fit the locks
The doors opened go no-where
The mind devolves into confusion
So to avoid nihilistic despair
We fabricate and foster an illusion



February 14 197 AD, the Very First Valentine

In the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin,
A weathered skull canonized, wreathed with a crown of fresh cut flowers,
Of Terni lay the relic of the venerated Valentin,
Beneath an almond tree, by his grave, Julia would pass the hours,
She would unfold and read the little heart shaped scrap of parchment,
A testament of love she kept in her bodice next to her breast,
The night before his execution, he penned heart felt sentiment,
That was hand delivered by a sympathetic Asterius,
Having been cured of her loss of sight Julia could read the note,
And for this she was ever indebted, falling deeply in love
Her heart would swell, upon each syllable she would silently dote,
While upon a branch, among the pink blossoms there perched a white dove,
She would read and reread, read again and reread each line divine,
Until she arrived at those final words…”Always, Your Valentine”
(From When Gods Fade to Myth by T J Therien)