Glorifying Villainy

If you fly a Confederate Flag you are endorsing Confederate “Values” and the right to own Human Beings as chattel. This is what the Confederacy fought for when they broke from the country, these are Battle Standards flown by those who fought to keep slavery intact. It is not Patriotic to fly the Confederate Flag, it is an act of open rebellion and disrespectful to America. These are the Facts. This is History. The Confederate Flag is the same as the Nazi Flag and the ISIS Flag in that they represent the Evil in People. The Monuments dedicated to Civil War Villains gives Honor to the Evil in People. Should we glorify people who warred to own other people. The Answer is unequivocally emphatically NO.

Nothing To Be Proud Of

There is nothing to be proud of
If Southern Pride is dependent on the Confederate Flag
Do you see Germany clinging to the Nazi Flag?
So why are people to clinging to the “Bloodstained Banner?”
Do they wish to bring back the good ol’ days
When a man was chattel to be bought and sold
And have the flesh flailed from his back if he got uppity?

T J Therien