I Put the Tim in Intimidation


Look into my eyes
When they are red with rage
And tell me that you fear me not
As you pale, your courage flies
Like a bird released from its cage
As you face my wrath like iron wrought
As the failing flickering light dies
And blood splatters on the page
You receive the ire you have sought
The chalk outline never lies
You miscalculated and didn’t gauge
The severity of the lesson you’ve now been taught
You were smiling smug with satisfaction
Until you felt the full force of my reaction

T J Therien

Fair Weather Fair Warning


On tilted access the Earth will spin
On its tour around the Sun
We are playing a game we cannot win
Weaving webs that shouldn’t be spun
And doing things that can’t be undone
Our current trajectory is a collision course
Our extinction is just on the horizon
Because Nature is an indomitable force
And the voice of protest is strained and horse
Ears have been deafened and eyes cannot see
If we fail to stop Global Warming at the source
We will have no choice but accept this reality
But while our priorities are so out of whack
The Earth will seek a way to shake the fleas from her back

T J Therien

The New Astrology


Poverty and Privilege are Birthrights
They are the Signs under which we were born
This is the New Astrology
And it has nothing to do with the way the stars are aligned
You don’t need a Seer, or a Reader of Tarot or Tea Leaves
To predict the outcome of a child born to poor parents
Sure, some will climb out of Poverty and into Prosperity
But this is the exception, not the rule

T J Therien

Take a Moment


Take a moment to think carefully about the words
Capitalism and Socialism, what they mean
Forget the connotations associated with them
Concentrate on the definitions and nothing else

Capitalism, the practice of capitalizing,
Exploitation for the purpose of personal gain
Pursuing the accumulation of physical wealth

Socialism, the practice of socializing
Altruistic purpose for the benefit of all
Pursuing the prosperity of everyone

Now put everything thing in proper perspective
How can there be a prosperous society
When we step on skulls to keep people depressed and oppressed
When we clamor to climb atop one another
Or we strive to pull them down to the depths and dregs of human existence
When a helping hand up is considered just a hand out
Tell me; haven’t we got our priorities backwards?

T J Therien