A Small Taste from NaNoWriMo14’s “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines”

“Walk with me while we go over your lessons for the day,” Cadfeal said to the Royal Daughter.

Ffiona fell into step alongside of the Master of Assassins. She had to walk briskly to match the long strides of her instructor. Cadfeal refused to slow his pace to accommodate her. The Royal Daughter would be shown no special treatment and receive no privilege from the Master of Assassins. He would treat her as he would any other low level common Drow. This, in his mind, was part of her training.

Ffiona felt at times the Master of Assassins was unduly hard on her. He was unlike any of her other teachers. The others tended to fear the wrath of her mother too much to be heavy handed with her. Cadfeal seemed not to have that fear.

Her mother had explained to her that it was imperative the Master of Assassins treat her thusly if she was to understand those she would one day rule. Rianon refused to discipline Cadfeal, much to Ffiona’s chagrin. Instead Rianon insisted the Master of Assassins be even harder on the child to toughen her up.

If you are to succeed me one day, you must be strong. You are too soft, my daughter. The only way to develop the required callouses of the psyche needed to rule is if your teachers treat you as they would any other Drow, Ffiona could hear her mother’s words echo in her head as she struggled to keep up with Cadfeal.

When I am Queen, I will teach you a lesson, or two, just you wait Cadfeal, just you wait, Ffiona delighted in the thought.

T J Therien


A little teaser from my NaNoWriMo14 project “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines”

“There is no poison more potent or powerful than jealousy. Blood becomes bile. What was sweet becomes bitter. What was tender becomes hard and callous. Jealousy, once introduced into the bloodstream, infects the brain and sickens the spirit with the shades and spectres of suspicion. But one drop will kill all trust…”
The Dark Texts

T J Therien

NaNoWriMo14 Pre-launch: Poet’s Log

NaNoWriMo14 begins at the stroke of midnight. I’ve had eleven months to think about the sequel to “Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen” (You can still get your free copy here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/434284 ) I went into NaNoWriMo13 wet behind the ears and green and with nothing more than a crudely drawn map and a couple of names. I did not have a story in mind. The story fell upon the page evolving as I wrote it. This year I go into NaNoWriMo14 more prepared. I have my list of characters who survived the first book and I have the firm idea of a story in my head. I have thirty prompts to keep me on line, but other than that I have no notes.

Last year I posted the story as I wrote it. I will not tire your eyes this year. The main reason is I am integrating myself back into the school system after more than thirty years away from it. I will however update how the sequel is coming along and I may drop a few teasers from time to time.

I have also decided I am going to be taking down “Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion” for the time being. I will be doing this at the conclusion of NaNoWriMo14 on December 1st. The book may appear again at some time in the future if I can work through issues I have with the book. I do this despite, or because of a recent surge in interest in the book after a long time dormant. I really don’t feel the book is representative of my writing and visually I want to work out some formatting issues.

Okay folks, that’s about it. I hope those of you that have taken up the National Novel Writing Month challenge have success. Those who haven’t, there’s always next year and I wish you the best in your other endeavors. And with that, at the stroke of midnight tonight I will begin penning “The Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines.”

T J Therien

NaNoWriMo14 Pledge

NaNoWriMo14 is just around the corner. I have put aside the Romance I have been tinkering with as well as my next book of Poetry while I switch focus for a return to “Scrolls,” beginning with reading “Rise of the Dark Queen” to refresh my memory

Beginning November 1st I will begin penning “The Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines” I have some good ideas itching to make their way to the page. My promise to the reader: “Broken Bloodlines” will be a better write and hopefully a better story than was “Rise of the Dark Queen”

Is anyone else taking part in NaNoWriMo14? If you are looking for a writing buddy find me at the NaNoWriMo page and buddy me there… we can help push each other to the finish line.