On Your Marks, Get Set…Go

There is only one Race
The Human Race
A relay
One generation passing the baton to the next
And to the next and to the next
Eventually we may gain some ground
If we ever manage to get off the treadmill


T J Therien



A Thousand Wasted Opportunities

Humanity has been given a thousand opportunities to redeem itself and a thousand times it has disappointed. We could be so much more, but we are long on promise and short on delivery. It’s just not possible to have grand vision and be so short sighted. History tells us how repeating the same mistakes will end and yet we are all too ready to accept the insanity of the status quo. All we need to do is open our eyes, but we continue to ignore the obvious. How many opportunities does Humanity have left before it is too late and there is no redemption, only ruin.
By T J Therien