Second Thoughts

Second thoughts should be mandatory for every bullet fired. Someone that can pull the trigger without a second thought is someone that should not be in possession of a firearm. Any action that can deprive life deserves a second thought because a mind so bent on a single purpose is a murderous mind.


T J Therien

On Gun Control

This is just my opinion. I do not want to get into a big debate. I just want to express where I stand on the issue of Gun Control and why. No, I have never owned a gun. Yes, I have fired military grade weaponry as a member of the Reserves.


I think the only firearm that should be available to civilians is a bolt action rifle for hunting. I am not concerned about caliber so long as the rifle is bolt action. One bullet should be adequate to take down a defenceless animal. Such a weapon can also be used to defend person and property as a last resort. In defence of tyranny it is a sufficient weapon, revolutions have occurred with very few shots fired by revolutionaries and violent revolutionaries are rarely recognized by the International Community.


I am against all other forms of gun ownership based on the following reasons.

People are irrational and prone to emotional outbursts.

A Criminal’s modus-operandi is heavily rooted in subterfuge and the element of surprise, or getting the jump on you.

Criminals in general are cowards and do not attack unless they are sure they have the edge or they are given no other option.

Most guns commissioned in a crime were at one time legal guns that have been redistributed by the Criminals that steal them, so in other words the better we arm ourselves the better we arm the Criminal Element.

There is always someone with a bigger gun, a faster draw and better aim.


And that’s it in a nutshell


T J Therien