The Un-Entitled

Get this straight,
In the US Healthcare is not a Right
It is an entitlement
And the entitlement is determined along economic lines
This entitlement creates a second class of citizen
The swath of people who cannot afford such entitlements
As seeing a doctor when they have a chronic cough
Or when they pull a muscle at work
Or when they fell down the stairs that one time they were drunk and stupid
Let alone afford their blood pressure medication
Or the baby aspirin that might keep a stroke or heart attack at bay.
Some people just aren’t entitled to those things
They can’t afford to get sick and miss work,
Let alone afford the care to get better
And so they suffer and continue to suffer
And so it shall be for the foreseeable future
T J Therien

A Warning to Christians

God is not a love struck teen;

“Sorry Big Guy,” just isn’t going to cut it

Forgiveness is earned not by asking

But by demonstrating

And living your life

In accordance to the teachings of Christ

By trying to live by his example

Anything else is hypocrisy

And I believe the bible has a few choice words for hypocrites.


*Note I am not religious, but I do live my life in accordance to the basic principles of most major religions which is more than I can say for a lot of people that claim to be devout.

T J Therien


I died young only to live out my life
Buried alive in hardship and strife
Panic stricken and short of breath
I was forced to live out a second death
Standing on the banks of the River Styx
Speaking the language of the Aphasics’
A language the ferryman doesn’t understand
So for my pennies he gave me a handful of sand
After suckling at the dry teat of my mistrust
I was left with a mouthful of ashes and dust
I dug my grave, I made my bed
I live among the legion of walking dead
Emotional zombies, vampires and ghosts in sheets
Condemned to wander the soulless streets
To dance that ever long and lonely dance
To the music of our circumstance
Played on harps that have been unstrung
It’s the consequence of dying young
By T J Therien