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T J Therien


A Small Excert From “Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines”

The child, as young as she was, had an awareness that far exceeded her years. The Royal Daughter made those in her presence uncomfortable with her level of understanding, even her teachers shifted beneath her gaze. The child’s maturity was most unnatural.

Ffiona stood no higher than her mother’s hip and her white hair was spun shoulder length. She wore the miniature vestments of a Priestess of the Great Spider. She stood as silent and unmoving as a statue at Rianon’s side and took in all that she saw and heard. Her mother would quiz her later. Her mother always quizzed her later. She knew she must pay particular attention when affairs of state were being conducted.

Elan, Elan of the thousand ears, that’s what they call him. Something about cutting the ears off his enemies. What a horrible thing to do. It accomplishes nothing but earn the disgust of both friend and foe, the child thought as she remembered her preparations for this meeting.

T J Therien

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