Spoken Word is Performance Art not Poetry

I am not well suited for the superficiality of spoken word
The posing and peacocking needed to perform on stage
Pseudo-poets spew verbal diarrhea, squat and take a terd
That is not representative of poetry on the page
T J Therien

Toronto’s Affordable Housing Crisis

150,000 people on the affordable housing waiting list

Precariously postured above the precipice

Pushed even closer to the edge of the abyss

And into the dehumanizing condition of homelessness


T J Therien

Human Limitations

Are we all that

Enlightened, educated

Cultured and sophisticated?


We have the resources and abilities

To cure many of the World’s infirmities

But we don’t

Because there’s no money in it

That is why we are not civilized

And that is why we are a failed species


Ask yourself again

Are we all that

Enlightened, educated

Cultured and sophisticated?


T J Therien

A Warning to Christians

God is not a love struck teen;

“Sorry Big Guy,” just isn’t going to cut it

Forgiveness is earned not by asking

But by demonstrating

And living your life

In accordance to the teachings of Christ

By trying to live by his example

Anything else is hypocrisy

And I believe the bible has a few choice words for hypocrites.


*Note I am not religious, but I do live my life in accordance to the basic principles of most major religions which is more than I can say for a lot of people that claim to be devout.

T J Therien