Just Gonna Say It

The United States may not have put a woman in the White House, but they did make a “mean girl” President.

Dawn in your eyes, stay woke. There is no truth in the fable of the self-made man. Success is reliant on other people. Even with the help of others success may still evade us. There are no guarantees, with one exception, without the help of others we are doomed to failure.

How The President Wanted to Observe 9/11 in the Year 2019

Hey Mr. Taliban, come celebrate 9/11
The president’s sad that you’re gonna stay home
Hey Mr. Taliban, Trump wants to party at Camp David
The president’s sad that you’re gonna stay home
I say hey, I say hey, I say hey, I say hey
The president’s sad that you’re gonna stay home.

A Robin Hood Tale Like No Other

Like an arrow shot from a bow, “The Gest of Robyn Hode and Little Joan According to Alaina of Dale” flies swiftly, arcs gently and hits the mark. This reinventing of Robin Hood takes the titular character back to their roots in the early ballads, but with a twist. Robyn is a girl that identifies as a boy. Little Joan is a nine year old girl cared for by Wilma the woman in scarlet. They are joined by Much, the developmentally challenged miller’s son and Tuch, a forest priest in haircloth alb. Banding together they forge out a living in the greenwood as outlaws and their adventures would become legend.