If I was a Conspiracy Guy

If I was a conspiracy guy I would be wondering about the correlation between Disney’s amalgamation of power and the rise of white supremacy now that they have a sympathetic ear with Donald “Ducknuts” Trump. Is it all part of some master genius plan? I am not a conspiracy guy. This is a joke of course, but…


7 thoughts on “If I was a Conspiracy Guy”

    1. I know…Fox News is too toxic for Disney…but I am worried about Disney’s slowly working towards a monopoly that will be aided by the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality. White Supremacy is another big concern but it is separate, as is the problem of Trump although there is some correlation between the last two. Fox News kept Fox Sports and took the money to keep their propaganda machine going for years to come.

      1. I’m worried about the monopoly too. At the very least, such a controlling share that they put out lazy quality stuff and get praise regardless. Disney is a beast that destroys everything they see as a threat, which means it will be hard for a new franchise to rise up. It already feels like they phone it in for superhero movies since DC hasn’t given them a good fight.

      2. Disney’s next target is Netflix. Disney made these moves in anticipation of launching their own streaming service. You will probably see the Marvel shows on Netflix move over to the Disney platform once it’s launched…Imagine a Disney Punisher…

      3. I’ve heard that they already pulled Marvel and Star Wars from a bunch of places. Don’t forget that Fox gives them Aliens, Avatar, Die Hard, Simpsons, Family Guy, Ice Age, X-Files, Buffy, Predator, Goosebumps, Planet of the Apes, and the list keeps going.

      4. Exactly if Disney owns the most popular content and makes it exclusively available on their streaming site Netflix and the others are going to struggle for content. Netflix is heavily invested in creating their own content, but as is the case with their Marvel franchise, it might end up getting yanked from beneath them.

      5. They’re targeting Amazon too. This really is a blatant play towards monopolization, but there are plenty of people who support it. Mostly because it means Disney gets X-Men and Deadpool back. Also, many people grow up with Disney, so it starts off as an innocent friend. Guess the brainwashing starts early.

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