It’s Not Your Fault

I have offended many people in my day,

Because I’ve fought for what I’ve believed,

But realize, if you were offended

The slight is likely imagined,

Because I have never set out to offend anyone

In fact, on many occasions I have bitten my tongue

Rather than say what I really think

Only to spare your feelings

Because it’s not your fault you’re stupid.

T J Therien





Damn It

I think of the economy as a great river that has been dammed. On one side, the one percent and on the other side the rest of us. The dam was built to control the flow of wealth, with the one percent monopolizing the river and the reservoir and the rest of us reliant on the trickle that flows downstream from the obstruction that prevents everyone from benefiting from the river’s bounty. Thing is, if you blow up the dam a lot of people will be wiped out because everyone has built their life in its shadow.


T J Therien