A Pocket Full of Poesies – A Review

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


“A Pocket Full of Poesies” is a poetry book by a writer and dear friend, T. J. Therien, and I had the honor of receiving a promotional copy of it, with a delightful message inside.

This poetry book is very gentle and accessible. It is a book of love poems, but for me, it is different than love poetry books I encountered before.

More often than not, love tends to be over complicated in books, especially poetry books. There is hours and hours of narrative, where I get the feelings the emotions are not honestly described. I feel like I am simply being told what I want to hear or what the writer has been told to write to appear more sweet. This is not a book like that!

Tim’s love poems feel simply very real, very explosive, and very relate-able.And relate-able to the good parts, not just the sorrow…

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The Equation

One could not call themselves a Mathematician without first learning and mastering basic arithmetic. The same is true about Poetry; for a person to call themselves a Poet they must have an understanding of form. It is perfectly acceptable for a Poet to write with absence of form and structure, but it is not ok for a Poet to be completely ignorant of form. And for the record, writing Free Verse doesn’t make you a rebel, it makes you a conformist.

T J Therien

When Gods Fade to Myth


Delighted, I just received my personalised copy of T.J. Therien’s ‘When Gods Fade to Myth’!  This latest poetic endeavour from Big Smoke Publications will be available soon, and I highly recommend it.

“In his most recent collection, poet T.J. Therien pays homage to the roots of storytelling.  ‘When Gods Fade to Myth’ takes the reader on a journey through history and the imagination, combining poetry and poetic prose to explore our belief in fairytales, new and old.”

Big Smoke Publications

“Most poets are modest creatures by nature.  This is not the case with T.J. Therien, and with ‘When Gods Fade to Myth’, why be humble when you are this bloody great?  T.J. Therien’s poetry delivers madness, subtle sadness, and a certain candour we have come to expect.  Elegance and excellence, pierced and tattooed by a true artist.  This poet deserves praise and respect (and I have bucket loads for him).”

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