I died young only to live out my life
Buried alive in hardship and strife
Panic stricken and short of breath
I was forced to live out a second death
Standing on the banks of the River Styx
Speaking the language of the Aphasics’
A language the ferryman doesn’t understand
So for my pennies he gave me a handful of sand
After suckling at the dry teat of my mistrust
I was left with a mouthful of ashes and dust
I dug my grave, I made my bed
I live among the legion of walking dead
Emotional zombies, vampires and ghosts in sheets
Condemned to wander the soulless streets
To dance that ever long and lonely dance
To the music of our circumstance
Played on harps that have been unstrung
It’s the consequence of dying young
By T J Therien


She’s got diamonds in her eyes,
Between her ankles, knees and thighs
She’s got a smile full of pearls,
And citrine hair that falls in curls
The blush of rose quartz on her cheeks
Through ruby lips she softly speaks
Upon her brow the diadem
That crowns the girl as a real gem
How could the Gods be so cruel
As to tempt me with such a jewel
By T J Therien

A Thousand Wasted Opportunities

Humanity has been given a thousand opportunities to redeem itself and a thousand times it has disappointed. We could be so much more, but we are long on promise and short on delivery. It’s just not possible to have grand vision and be so short sighted. History tells us how repeating the same mistakes will end and yet we are all too ready to accept the insanity of the status quo. All we need to do is open our eyes, but we continue to ignore the obvious. How many opportunities does Humanity have left before it is too late and there is no redemption, only ruin.
By T J Therien