She Knew

She knew the Writer was a lonely creature
She, herself was a lonely creature
The loneliest of lonely creatures
Locked away in her little pink palace
With its white picket fence
T J Therien

On Nobility and Honor

People are not born Noble. Nobility is earned by leading an honorable life and Honor is doing the right thing regardless of consequence to self. One cannot be Noble without Honor and Honor is earned. Honor is not fancy words or titles. Honor is the way we behave; we either behave with it, or without it. It is that simple and to act with Honor is to be Noble regardless your station in life.

 T J Therien

Garfunkel-ed again; More thoughts on Art

If we accept that Art imitates Nature, then when attempting to define Art, we must be sure of the intention of the Artist. Was the work created with care of forethought? Or was it whimsically produced by pulling it out of their ass? We can accept that Nature is random, but imitation only occurs with painstakingly deliberate intent. There is nothing accidental about it. If something is Art, the Artist should be able to state the intention of the work from the conceptual stage of the project and should be able to answer what effect the piece is supposed to achieve long before eyes see it or ears hear it. Art may be subjective but it is not arbitrary.

 T J Therien

Random Thoughts on a World without Art and I ain’t talking Garfunkel

Part of me thinks that perhaps a World without Art would be better, because then we wouldn’t have anything to distract us from the ugliness of life and we might actually do something about it. Then there is another part of me that argues that a World without Art would be a World that gave up on the beauty of life, the same way a person gives up on the beauty of life before committing suicide. But the thing that nags at me the most is how trivially we treat Art when it is so central to our continued existence. Hell, we can’t even define it.

T J Therien