On Gun Control

This is just my opinion. I do not want to get into a big debate. I just want to express where I stand on the issue of Gun Control and why. No, I have never owned a gun. Yes, I have fired military grade weaponry as a member of the Reserves.


I think the only firearm that should be available to civilians is a bolt action rifle for hunting. I am not concerned about caliber so long as the rifle is bolt action. One bullet should be adequate to take down a defenceless animal. Such a weapon can also be used to defend person and property as a last resort. In defence of tyranny it is a sufficient weapon, revolutions have occurred with very few shots fired by revolutionaries and violent revolutionaries are rarely recognized by the International Community.


I am against all other forms of gun ownership based on the following reasons.

People are irrational and prone to emotional outbursts.

A Criminal’s modus-operandi is heavily rooted in subterfuge and the element of surprise, or getting the jump on you.

Criminals in general are cowards and do not attack unless they are sure they have the edge or they are given no other option.

Most guns commissioned in a crime were at one time legal guns that have been redistributed by the Criminals that steal them, so in other words the better we arm ourselves the better we arm the Criminal Element.

There is always someone with a bigger gun, a faster draw and better aim.


And that’s it in a nutshell


T J Therien


9 thoughts on “On Gun Control”

  1. so you believe that women, those physically weaker than others should be forced to defend themselves using only unarmed combat techniques?

    How about this?

    People are irrational and prone to emotional outbursts.

    Therefore they should not be allowed to raise their own children, drive cars, own knives, prescribe medicine, build machines.

    If people are “irrational and prone to emotional outbursts” is there any thing safe for them to do in life?

    Bob S.

    1. I believe a bolt action rifle would constitute as being armed. You also seem to assume because one owns a gun they will be able to use it. More than likely they will be taken by surprise and not have that opportunity you seem to believe is guaranteed. Let me guess your solution is more guns? Law biding citizens will always be at a disadvantage to criminals. Please spare me the Macho Bravado. Lastly a firearm exists for one reason, to kill. Babies, cars, knives medicine and machines were not invented with the sole purpose of taking life, hence maybe why we allow such things in the hands of the irrational the unstable and those prone to emotional outbursts.

      1. Statistic show that 2/3rds of all violent crime happen outside of the home – Bureau of Justice Statistics – so are you advocating that people be allowed to carry a bolt action rifle around?
        At the same time saying that people are irrational?

        Doesn’t make much sense.

        Law abiding citizens will allows be at a disadvantage to criminals and your proposal helps that how? Criminals will suddenly start obeying the law and only carrying single shot bolt action rifles?

        Come on, how about a little sanity. Kleck and Gertz found up to 2.5 million defensive gun uses per YEAR. And that was before the reforms that, yes, allowed more people to carry firearms in public. So how do you explain the fact that more states — all 50 states now — allow some form of Concealed Carry, 45 states allow some form of Open Carry – 6 states don’t even require a permit/license to carry — and yet firearm related deaths, crimes and injuries have been trending down for decades?

        Violent crime is at a decades low.

        Bob S.

      2. You have your opinion that is fine. Mine is if there is a crime problem hire more law enforcement. I don’t believe in open carry. I don’t live in the US. I live in Canada, where gun laws are much stricter and gun violence is much lower on a per capita basis. You are entitled to your Opinion. I am entitled to mine.

      3. There is one thing you forget to credit for reduction in crime and that is advancements in law enforcement and surveillance. I would have to say this has probably contributed more to the reduction in violent crime than gun ownership. You should have some faith in Law Enforcement Bob S. The boys in blue, not your gun are keeping you safe.

    1. thanks Paul. There are no laws saying we have to agree and disagreement can be healthy as long as we respect each other. I have nothing against law biding gun owners, really. I did not arrive at my position because of the actions of honest people, but because of how they are employed and end up in the hands of those who lack moral compass. Anyway I am only one opinion and in that my opinion is rather insignificant.

  2. I have never been in favor of guns. I hear arguments about why we should be armed and I still can’t buy into it. I don’t understand the opposition to background checks and tightening up sales. Legitimate buyers shouldn’t be worried. And no one is suggesting that everyone has to turn in their guns. Common sense seems to be a thing of the past. I hate open carry laws. If I walk into an establishment and there are people with guns on their hips, I’m going to assume they are planning to do harm and get the hell out of there. I don’t want my grandson to be around guns. I don’t want to be around them either. I know how to shoot and we own guns. But I have no problem whatsoever of being submitted to a background check and a waiting period. But then I don’t intend to ever use a gun for harm (or to defend myself for that matter).

    1. Many years ago I went to visit my brother in Houston Texas, the first thing he said to me after I got off the plane was if anyone started a beef with me to walk away, he warned me about guns being used to settle arguments. I kind of laughed it off until I went to my first bar and there was a big sign that said “Check Your Firearms at the Door” okay that’s all fine, but then they are going to give back the guns to people who are leaving the bar all liquored up, not so okay. As you said Common Sense doesn’t apply to this debate.

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