De Sade Doth Surely Rolleth In His Grave

De Sade, de Sade, does it make you sad
Does it make you crazy and drive you mad
That they called you criminal and dangerously insane
Now everybody has BDSM on the brain
And fifty shades of shit is the latest fad

Old women dress as schoolgirls, scantily clad
Begging for spankings because they’ve been bad
How so very boring, whoring bland and plain
De Sade, de Sade

Marquis macabre intrigued the wee lad
You were controlled by the fetishes you had
You delved deep into the pleasures of pain
Deeper than the deviance of whip and chain
Do you roll in your grave? Aghast, do you cry? “Egad!”
De Sade, de Sade

T J Therien

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