Author Seeks Editor

I regrettably announce that I have removed Scrolls of Sion: Broken Bloodlines from my catalogue. Broken Bloodlines will be re-published at a date in the future yet to be determined. Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen will remain available digitally for free as will Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion. I have decided before proceeding with publishing any other books I would like to find an Editor who I can work with on an ongoing basis. I need to find the right person for the job and that could take a while.

In the meantime I will continue to write and create. In future I may use this space as a testing ground for some of my writing. I am going to try to keep a schedule of posting once a week, I am just trying to determine what day that will be. This page will still be primarily dedicated to the poetry I write although I reserve the right to post whatever my given fancy on any given day.

T J Therien

1 thought on “Author Seeks Editor”

  1. Did you get my email and see the stuff I put out about my editor, pal? I’ve since commissioned him to edit the entire novel and the manuscript is shaping up much nicer than the one I originally sent you. Hope I’ve helped. Be well, my friend.

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