In Defence of Freedom of Speech (An Open Letter to My Government)

Good Morning Prime Minister Stephen Harper, CSIS, RCMP and whoever else is monitoring us.

I am sick of my Government trampling my Civil Rights. I will not have my Government tell me what I can or cannot say, what I can and cannot support or make my right to peaceful protest on behalf of the environment an act of terror.

If it is now Criminal for me to say these things so be it. It needs to be said. I will also commit my support to peaceful protesting any more pipelines. If peaceful protest makes me a terrorist then I am a terrorist and proud of the fact and I am in much esteemed company because Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also a terrorist as defined by Bill C-51. His Rhetoric has put Canada on the terrorist map putting all Canadians at Risk. His over investing in Oil has put the Canadian Economy in jeopardy and is in fact threatening that Economy. Also his unwavering support of Israeli atrocities means he is supporting a Terrorist Organization because who else would bomb a UN Hospital or School but a terrorist, regardless what they believe might be in there. This is a War Crime and a Violation of International Law and there are diplomatic processes to be observed if munitions are suspected of being stored in a UN Hospital or School.

I support the Palestinian cause. I support a two State solution. I do not condone violence, but I also understand when you back an animal in a corner it will attack. The Palestinians live in what amounts to a giant Concentration Camp. Everything that goes in and out of Palestinian territory is tightly controlled and even aid is denied at times. A Palestinian child can be shot by an Israeli soldier for nothing more than climbing a wall. I believe the internment of an entire people is wrong. I believe Israeli settlements outside the territory designated by the UN is militant occupation. If an American can protect his home with a gun, why can’t a Palestinian?

I have nothing against the Jewish Faith, or the Jewish People, my indictment is of the Israeli Government which I see as operating like a bunch of Nazi’s. Historically the land was Palestinian long before it was Israeli. According to archeological evidence the Tribe of Israel existed, but they were just one of many Palestinian Tribes and this means they were Palestinian before they were ever Jewish. Also I would like to say, Israel came about after the bombing of the King Edward Hotel in Jerusalem. Until recently the Israeli parliament was composed of a great deal of people involved in that bombing. The State of Israel was born in Terror, and they condemn the Palestinian for using the same method they used to achieve Statehood. Also if the Palestinians are not allowed a standing army how can they defend themselves against aggression? We supported the Rebels in Syria. Were they not also terrorists in picking up arms to forcefully overthrow their Government? We know now some of them were as they now make up part of ISIL and we armed them to boot. Do you believe Palestinians are any less oppressed than Syrians?

I never have and never will support violence as a solution, but if you give people no other choice you have to expect it. If diplomacy is abandoned the result will almost always be violence. I do not support any Organization or Government that enforces their ideology with a gun. I am defending my right to free speech. I am defending my Civil Liberties. I am defending my rights which Bill C51 have stripped from me. I will not stand for it any longer.

Please do not like or share this post. Do not incriminate yourself by showing support for someone who’s Government probably considers a Terrorist even though I advocate Peace Love and Tolerance.

T J Therien

The Great White Xenophobe

The Great White Xenophobe is a solitary creature
Spending its life in the shallows of Human Existence
It is intolerant by nature and will attack without provocation
It spends its days seeking out and circling its prey
And will sink its teeth into even the most rancid piece of meat
The slightest drop of blood in the water
Will attract other Great White Xenophobes
And a feeding frenzy will ensue
It thrives best in an atmosphere of fear and hate

Little is known about the breeding habits
Of the Great White Xenophobe
Although it has been rumoured to engage
In perverse and bazaar sexual behaviour
Though these reports cannot be substantiated

The Great White Xenophobe
Is an endangered species
And despite calls for its protection
There is a concerted effort to hunt it to extinction
And rid the planet of one of the most loathsome creatures
To ever walk the face of the Earth

T J Therien

Excerpt from the Essay “Clinically Speaking”


“The way to cure our social ails is to treat them on the level of the individual, one person at a time and to also put into place measures that prevent the need for future intervention. But first our Society must be sterilized of the stigma that plagues it and the marginalized must be seen as complete people. We have to stop classifying people because each person is different and each person deserves to have their individuality respected. We are not cattle to be herded. That only leads to the slaughter. A system designed to address social issues on a macro scale will always fail because social problems will always cause unique individual problems which continue to be over looked.”

T J Therien

Progress Report:

As most of you know I went back to work on my Romance (Forever: The First Epoch and the Birth of Love) on August 1st. In doing so I made a crucial decision to make a significant change to the story despite having ten very publishable chapters already written. I have been able to keep much of that original text intact but have had to alter a few things for the sake of continuity. As of today this is my growing table of contents and the chapters that have been written.

Chapter 1 (The Girl)
Chapter 2 (The Boy)
Chapter 3 (The Young Hunter)
Chapter 4 (Clashing Spears)
Chapter 5 (The Birds and the Bees)
Chapter 6 (The Long Night)
Chapter 7 (The Cave Behind the Falling Water)
Chapter 8 (A Hard Lesson)
Chapter 9 (Monkey See Monkey Do)
Chapter 10 (The Quest for Fire)
Chapter 11 (Blue Eyes)
Chapter 12 (A Deer in a Den of Wolves)
Chapter 13 (The Weight of Wood)
Chapter 14 (A Seed Planted)
Chapter 15 (A Tribe of Two)

Well that’s it for now folks. Back to the grind. Have a good one.



August 1st I began work on my Romance “Forever: The First Epoch and the Birth of Love” I also picked up a notebook for a little side project “Essays of an Uneducated Man” which I will work on when I’m on the bus, subway, or streetcar to put those hours I commute to better use.