Rebel’s Requiem

Take down that disgusting dirty stained rag
There’s no place for the Confederate Flag
A Standard born of Racism and Hate
And ideals past their best-before date
The history of The Bloodstained Banner
That flew high in front of Master’s Manor
It’s been used as a symbol for the Klan
Dyed crimson with the blood of the Black Man
Plantation cotton made The Stars and Bars
To this very day we still bear the scars
The thread used to sew this flag of battle
Tied one man to another as chattel
It signifies the right to have a slave
It’s time to put this pennant in its grave
Let no songs be sung, rejoice and mourn not
The Civil War is over, the fight has been fought
It’s time now for healing, or all was for naught
It’s time to put the past in the past and in its place
It’s time for you Rednecks to join the Human Race

T J Therien


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