Take a Moment


Take a moment to think carefully about the words
Capitalism and Socialism, what they mean
Forget the connotations associated with them
Concentrate on the definitions and nothing else

Capitalism, the practice of capitalizing,
Exploitation for the purpose of personal gain
Pursuing the accumulation of physical wealth

Socialism, the practice of socializing
Altruistic purpose for the benefit of all
Pursuing the prosperity of everyone

Now put everything thing in proper perspective
How can there be a prosperous society
When we step on skulls to keep people depressed and oppressed
When we clamor to climb atop one another
Or we strive to pull them down to the depths and dregs of human existence
When a helping hand up is considered just a hand out
Tell me; haven’t we got our priorities backwards?

T J Therien

6 thoughts on “Take a Moment”

    1. thank you Paul…I’m really not trying to convince anyone of anything, just hoping to shed light on another perspective. I see flaws with every economic and political model in that they are governed by people and people are fallible and bodies that are governed by people are prone to extreme and not a balanced approach… also being someone who relies on social assistance just in order to exist I am greatly appreciative of these safety nets although they are generally insufficient. You could say I am hyper-aware of stereotypes and negative perceptions of people that rely on social assistance. I hear people complain all the time about how they are paying for me through their taxes. They seem to forget that I worked for thirty years and almost twenty of those years I worked two full time jobs… that is almost 50 years of in the workforce and the average person works 35-45 years, although that number is increasing because of financial hardships in retirement. Sorry for the long winded explanation.

    1. I am so frustrated with government right now, especially at the Federal level and our new budget which has nothing allocated for the ten percent of the population that lives in poverty or for the environment…tack that on to my frustration about bill C-51 (which does nothing to keep us save while stripping us of rights and freedoms) and I’ve about had it. My only hope is people open their eyes long enough come election day to realize our current course is unsustainable and our current government is only representative of their own interests and those of big oil and big money.

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