A Dropout’s Revenge & New Mantra


Academia may look down on me
For not having book smarts or piece of paper
A lack of education is all they see
Not intelligence or wit of rapier
Abstract thought or cognitive ability
They can’t see the mist for the water vapor
The blunt stick whittled into a pointy taper
The Elite perceive the Serfs as all the same
I go back to school to pull off my latest caper
I’m going to beat them at their own game

T J Therien


5 thoughts on “A Dropout’s Revenge & New Mantra”

    1. Thank you Paul, my orientation for George Brown’s Transitions to Post Secondary is today with classes starting the first week of May. It is a one year program that will give me a Grade Point Average that I will be able to use to gain entry into regular diploma programs…

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