Heart Disease & Cure

With a hardening of the arteries
Came a softening and swelling of the heart
Laying down a new set of priorities
And putting the horse before the cart
Because it’s never too late to start
Setting aside Ego and Vanity
This crusty, dusty old fart
Is reinvesting in Humanity

T J Therien


7 thoughts on “Heart Disease & Cure”

    1. I wish I had learned this long ago also, but unfortunately, as is too often the case, it takes something that threatens to rob us of life to realize what our priorities in life should be. Family, friends, Love, respect and tolerance for all things living…

      My latest angiogram revealed some new blockages nothing can be done about and function has dropped below 40%, but on the bright side my heart is still getting the blood it needs, albeit at a reduced flow So I’ve taken to volunteering in disadvantaged communities by facilitating creative writing workshops in the hope that I can do some good before my time is up by helping the voiceless find their voice because they really do need to be heard. For the record, I have heard and read some of the better writings I’ve come across in these workshops and it is very rewarding to see effort meet results…

      I hope all is well with you Paul and I apologize for not stopping by your blog lately, it’s just I have so much on my plate at the moment including returning to school in May to try to get an education. I will stop by soon. I do so enjoy and admire your words…

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