The First Clue

the first clue


5 thoughts on “The First Clue”

    1. Lol… thanks Baldy. This is something I’ve been saying for the last decade or so… a bit of self deprecating humor

      all is well with me. I’m busy editing and I am one of ten writers that have been invited to perform at a closed spoken word event. I also just finished my training in the Amherst Writers and Artists Methods and can now facilitate writing workshops on behalf of the Toronto Writers Collective, the aim of this group is to bring these workshops into homeless shelters, correctional centers, women’s shelters etc… and help marginalized and disadvantaged people learn the power of the literary voice and telling their story. So I’ve been keeping busy and I go back to School in April for a one year Transitions to Post Secondary Education course.

      I hope all is well with you. I was just taking a break from editing and peeking at your Cyralost page. I could read a book of this stuff alone without even needing a story. There is so much depth and thought put into your descriptions. I really do admire all the work you have shared and I am constantly amazed whenever I read these. I honestly can’t wait to see the story you have attached to all of this. It will be nothing short of Epic to be sure.

      1. Bless you for your kind words, T.J., I’m glad you like it, have a peek at chapter one on the cyralost blog (its under ‘the chronicles of tarkus on the menu). I’ll email you the rest of book one if you like it and want to continue reading. You are a busy man indeed! Glad to hear about your recent endeavours, and wish you good luck. I love to hear about projects like facilitating creativity for underprivileged. I used to work in a prison and enjoyed teaching as part of rehabilitation. Congratulations on finishing your training and best of luck with your spoken word event, my friend. Great to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. The writing group I am co facilitating is in a Mission and the attendees are a mix of homeless and mentally or emotionally challenged people. I think learning to express oneself in writing is a very advantageous thing for someone who is on the fringes of society. In learning to express in writing and in discovering literary voice stigmatized people gain a tool for their own advocacy. To tell the truth I have seen a lot of raw talent in these groups and I feel lucky that I can help in my little way

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