A White Man’s Burden

(I wanted to write something for Black History Month and that got me to thinking…)


I sometimes wonder if I am a closet racist

Full of pride and prejudice

Beneath the layers of political correctness…


I sometimes wonder if the ideals of equality I espouse

Is over-compensation

For something much deeper and darker…


I sometimes wonder if this nagging guilt

Is the product of denying my truth

That I am white privilege…


I sometimes wonder…


T J Therien


2 thoughts on “A White Man’s Burden”

  1. Sometimes, I also wonder of the same things. But I never really knew that if this perception has something to do with being a human in nature — you know, we just feel things, we like or we don’t, we become angry, we ask questions. But at some point, I think we should be who we are without hurting other people.

    I like this one, by the way.

    1. thank you very much, I really do try to be mindful of people regardless of sex, race, religion, color or creed. I think that doubting one’s self is natural. I do hold fast to the idea that we are all equal.

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