This is just how FUCKED UP our society is!

Snapshot_20150218_1Ben Levin, former deputy education minister (Ontario) who has been charged with 7 child pornography related offences has agreed to a deal that will see him plead guilty to three child porn charges. He is asking for support in the form of letters of reference which he hopes will land him a lighter sentence. This is sickening! What is worst is he will probably receive more support in his bid to stay out of jail than I will in my bid to be the next Poet Laureate of Toronto. This sick bastard has the nerve to ask for support for his sinister behaviour. I’m asking for support for an honest endeavor. Those who watch child pornography create the demand that causes irreparable harm to our children. As far as I’m concerned viewing child pornography is the same as engaging in pedophilia! T J Therien Feel free to show your support for my bid for Poet Laureate of Toronto on Facebook

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