It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. I ventured out into this extreme cold to attend my writing group today (associated with the Toronto Writer’s Collective.) The following is one of my efforts, unedited of course. The prompt was to write a paragraph describing the way something sounds.

“It echoes. It resonates. It’s deafening at times and golden in other respects. It’s fragile and can be broken by a single word. It is whispered on the wind, yet seldom listened to, but instead is heard with cauliflower ears beaten senseless by the cacophony and din of daily life. It is dark and secluded and light and limitless simultaneously. It can be peaceful, or tumultuous. It can be used to drive home a point, to create suspense, or to make someone feel awkward and uncomfortable. It is the roar of mute lambs; Silence…”

T J Therien


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