Poet’s Log NaNoWriMo14

I slayed the NaNoWriMo14 Dragon… still needs a lot of editing and the last say 20,000 words will probably have to be rewritten, but I did what I set out to do… 50,000 words in 30 days

8 thoughts on “Poet’s Log NaNoWriMo14”

    1. Thanks Charles… it was a grind and at many points through the month I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it… but I did with a couple of all night writing sessions… not sure how much sense the last 20,000 words make but the essence of the story is there… Will edit in the new year… but for now a small break while I get ready for my last two weeks of school and two presentations I have that I haven’t even started on… then I will fiddle with my romance until February…

    1. Thanks Baldy… I still have extensive edits and rewrites to do starting in February…just going to let the story steep for now while I focus on my schooling and turn back to my romance and a much more comfortable pace… but I think this story (Broken Bloodlines) is much better than the first book and sets up nicely for what I believe to be the final installment of Scrolls and the big climax in book 3 titled “The Drow Wars”

      1. Cool, I have nothing but respect and admiration for you accomplishing such a feat again, sincerely well done my friend. I look forward to reading the next one. I will, of course, be happy to help wherever I can (when I can!). Keep smiling, best wishes 🙂

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