Surviving Winter

The first snowfall of the year and I must concur,
The time has come to grow the winter fur,
If the mercury keeps dropping at this rate,
It will soon be time to hibernate,
Bundled up in toque, mittens and long underwear,
I follow the trail of the Great Spirit bear,
I curl up in the comfort of my cozy cave,
Because this is how instinct tells me to behave,
In a frozen World, we have to find some way to keep warm,
Some place we can find shelter from snow and storm,
Until spring arrives with warm weather teasing,
I will do my best to keep from freezing

T J Therien


10 thoughts on “Surviving Winter”

    1. hope you didn’t get hit as hard as Buffalo… just started here in Toronto, but I think they got the brunt of it in Buffalo…

      1. well I hope your wife’s family is safe and warm… they were saying on the news today that plows couldn’t push the snow and they had to bring in frontend loaders and other heavy equipment.

    1. lucky you… I gave up the woodstove when I moved back to the city… I’m missing it right about now I’ll tell you… 🙂

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