My Higher Power
Is what moves my hand
To pick up the pen
Put that pen to page
To put into ink
The Truth and Essence
Of Life and of Love;
I call her my muse
But she doesn’t exist…

T J Therien


5 thoughts on “Godless”

    1. thank you Paul… I did not mean God does not exist, I am not one to say if he does, or doesn’t. I only meant that my muse does not exist. I believe in the possibility of everything, no matter how remote, but I put faith in nothing but myself…

  1. Super to see you blogging again, mon amis, you know you have my full support. Interesting poem, there’s a wonderfully dangerous debate lurking behind the theory of a non-existent muse! Keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from baldy 🙂

    1. Thank you baldy, I’m not blogging with the same regularity as before, but I am striving for the same quality, if not even more emphasis on the quality… as for my muse, if I waited for her to return to me I may never pick up the pen again, so I make my way without her.

      1. well, you a’muse’ me plenty, T.J. You might be interested in my new blog: The Chronicles of Cyralost, jus tposted the first 50 posts and stressed as there’s loads to do and loads to put on there but have to go to work etc. It’s going to be awesome and I think you’ll like it (heck, you, Charles and Sahm inspired some of it!). best wishes from baldy

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