Good and Evil are ambiguous at best
There is no proverbial line in the sand
Driven by thirst, hunger and the need for rest
The chess pieces moved by God’s wrathful hand
While everything went just as the Devil planned
From fruit forbidden, from pit and from seed
From Eden unto Hell, each one of us damned
Which laws do we break, do we bend, do we heed
What desires do we deny, which appetites feed
Which fights make us weak and what ones make us strong
When it boils down to necessity and need
Truth is, there is no such thing as Right or Wrong
There is no Good or Evil, we have never Sinned
It’s just a matter of how we were conditioned

T J Therien


4 thoughts on “Ambiguous”

  1. I discovered your blog by chance. I really like this poem. It’s not often I read anyone expressing similar ideas to my own regarding good and evil. Most people have very fixed opinions on the subject.

    1. Thank you very much Suzanne… my opinions often fluctuate, but I do not adhere to conventional ideas of good and evil, or right and wrong, and yet I do try to live by to a moral code of my own, but I don’t hold anyone else to my beliefs…

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