Keeping It Real

All you seem to want is shiny smiley faces
Pretty prose and fancy flowery phrases
Reality hurts, so you want to pretend
That the good times are never going to end
Excuse me while I wipe away the dirt and grime
I didn’t mean to interrupt your good time
Trust me; I know exactly how you feel
But you know one of us has to keep it real

T J Therien


Holocaust 2014

Incineration of population
Commit atrocity and genocide
Ethnic cleansing, conflict escalation
How many innocent civilians have died?
Concentration camp fenced with barbed wire
A red sea has made mud of desert sand
Milk and honey turned to blood and fire
God has abandoned this unholy land

T J Therien
(Killing armed soldiers, guerilla fighters is one thing, killing innocent civilians and targeting UN buildings is another. There is no excuse for a 77% civilian casualty rate)