My advice to every young would be writer and every budding author would be to get a job as a cook for a few months. Why? It’s simple, everyone has different tastes and even the most accomplished Chef can’t please everyone. Readers, like Diners can be a fickle and finicky lot. The sooner you learn this the better off you will be.

T J Therien


4 thoughts on “Advice”

  1. T.J.! I’m a chef by trade and this lesson was one of the hardest learned. The first ‘rule’ I genuinely believed in and adhered to was: write that which you wish to read. The next was : learn all the forms and enjoy them, then completely forget them and write how you feel. best wishes from baldy

    1. I have no papers to say I’m even a cook, but I have about 15 years experience… much we have in common…

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