In The Nursing Home

She bangs her leg on the nightstand
She rubs the bump and bruise
Examining it in the dim light
Deep vein thrombosis tattoo her calves
She adjusts the expensive shade
On the thrift store lamp
To get a better look
Her legs are varicose and the purple bruise
Is convincing enough for her to call the nurse
Who is only there to collect a paycheck
The nurse looks at the old woman’s leg
And assures her it’s nothing
Before helping the elderly woman into her bed

T J Therien

(I went to a writing group on Wednesday and we had a ten minute period to write on the following poetry prompt. “Use three of the five following words: Expensive, lampshade, bruise, convincing, dim,” this was my effort.)

5 thoughts on “In The Nursing Home”

  1. I have relatives in nursing homes and the way they don’t care about the small things (which can easily become big problems untreated) is very frustrating.

    1. I fully agree with you. I have worked as a cook in a nursing home and I have seen the good and the bad, there are people that do care and will take the time, but there isn’t enough of them…

    1. I apologize for being the cause of uncomfortable memories being brought back to the surface… I am sorry Paul

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