The Word (Poetry Slam)

I slam Islam,
Christian Right,
Jewish State
And Palestinian Plight
I slam
Jihad and Crusade,
Religious division
And killing in God and Allah’s name
I slam
Prostitution of the Word
False prophet
Preaching hate,
I slam
The raised fist
White knuckled rage
And gospel of Kalashnikov
I slam
The manipulation of the message
To serve fundamentalism
While abandoning fundamentals
I slam
Pope, priest mullah and rabbi
That don’t seem to understand
The Word is about Love and Acceptance
I slam
Suicide bombers that kill innocent children
I slam
Those that twist Bible, Torah and Koran
I slam
Religious extremists of all stripes
I slam Islam
Christian Right
Jewish state
And those that deal in black and white

T J Therien


2 thoughts on “The Word (Poetry Slam)”

  1. Excellent, I couldn’t agree more. What other thing in man’s history has caused such destruction, hatred and intolerance…nothing. Religion wins. Great post Tim.

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