She Writes “Love” on her Arms

She writes “Love” on her arms with razor blades
Red ink drips and forms a puddle on the floor
The voices in her head gently persuades
Her to believe she can’t take anymore

She writes “Love” on her arms with a rusty knife
Because you cannot see the scars on her soul
She feels the only solution is to take her life
That’s been increasingly spinning out of control

She writes “Love” on her arms in cursive script
A word she cannot comprehend, but she understands being abused
Emblazoned letters, the red ink dripped
Flowing from a heart broken and bruised

She writes “Love” on her arms, what does it mean?
No one was there to intervene…

T J Therien


7 thoughts on “She Writes “Love” on her Arms”

    1. it is painful… I’ve known a few cutters in my day and a few people that have slit their wrists… I came across an event in Toronto yesterday, an awareness tour by some charity group for depression and suicide. the event was broken up for illegal assembly because they did not have a permit. and I noticed I was the only guy in the audience, the rest were all young women… that was were the inspiration for this poem came…

      1. What a shame — I’d say more but I’d be preaching to the choir. My friend disappeared mid-high school and I never found out what happened to her… fearing the worst. And she was such a beautiful person – and so talented too –

    2. ya I don’t think the security guards at yonge and dundas square were too happy with me, I gave them a piece of my mind, buskers were performing in the square at the same time… I basically said “you know by breaking up this impromptu meeting you could actually be doing some serious harm, there might be someone here that needs the support this group is trying to offer and you’re kicking them off the premises so buskers can have the square to their selves…” I’ve got nothing against buskers, but this group was out of their way and not interfering, it was just there was about 30 to 40 people talking about depression and about five people watching the performance, the buskers still had 95% of the square… sad world we live in… so ya you might be preaching to the choir.

      1. What a shame …. the security guards were probably very uncomfortable with the topic and didn’t want to deal with it. Much easier to “make it disappear”. 😦

    3. I am really sorry to hear about your friend, just found out last month my good friend from school killed himself (he had been talking about it for years, he had MS and lost his wife to cancer and never pulled out of his funk after she passed)

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