John Was Always a Dirty Trick

Queen and John
Where Royalty does a dirty trick
After stumbling out of one of the trendy little bars
And sharing a cigarette at Starbucks
Where the coffee is overpriced and tastes like crap

Queen and John
Where rich meets poor
In the shadow of the CN Tower
Phallic symbol for a city in need of an enema
Fuck the unfortunate, the deprived and the depraved

Queen and John
Where streetcars still rattle
Along the tracks on a junkie’s arms
That stretch and span the city
Like they did thirty years ago

Queen and John
Where so much has changed
But nothing’s changed at all
Manure will always be shit

T J Therien

q&j 001

Beyond Skin Deep

Beyond skin deep is where true beauty lies
It will never fade and it never dies
It’s something that’s felt, that stirs in the soul
It is intrinsically spiritual
It’s seen with the heart, not with the eyes

This fleshy husk is just a thin disguise
And may fool the novice, but not the wise
Who can see past what we cannot control
Beyond skin deep

Beneath the foundation, makeup and dyes
Underneath it all, there lay the true prize
It’s what’s inside that makes one beautiful
Not the shallow or the superficial
From the deepest depths beauty given rise
Beyond skin deep

T J Therien

Blog Tour: Love Lost and Found by Pamela Beckford

Alone (double cinquain)


So incomplete

Gazing at the moonlight

Wondering just when you’ll be here


With me

To start our lives

Never to leave again

Becoming whole and not just half

As one

Pamela has written a second collection of love poems. Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to the reader in the pages. Love: Lost and Found contains over 90 poems representing over a dozen different forms of poetry. The poems span the angst and despair of love lost to the exhilaration and ecstasy of a deep abiding love.

Love: Lost and Found has already received a five star review that says

“Pamela Beckford writes with her heart as much as her mind. She makes me feel things when I read her work that usually stay buried beneath the surface. Her way of expressing emotions that usually aren’t captured for later evaluation is amazing.

I also enjoy that she uses a lot of different styles and forms of poetry in her collections, making the book varied and interesting. Some are shorter and some longer, but all of them carefully constructed. Her ability to say so much in so few words is a indication of her talent as a writer.

If you are looking for an excellent poetry book, look no further.”

Pamela’s other books have also garnered some great reviews and both are available on Kindle or paperback as well.

Living Vicariously

It is in young lovers that I see
The thing in life I wish most for me…

That soulful look, that heartfelt stare,
That special something so very rare,
The bond that binds, that spiritual connection,
Those sweet nothings dripping with affection,
A gentle smile to kiss, a tender ear to whisper in,
The pitter-pat of two hearts beating in unison,
Those feelings that make it hard to concentrate,
An ideal partner, a best friend, a soul-mate

It is in young lovers that I see
The thing in life I wish most for me…

T J Therien

While Ink Still Drips

While ink still drips from tip of quill,
While Poet still has wit and will,
To ply his craft and pages fold
Wade through the crap to find the gold
Seek the horizon beyond the next hill

When rain drops fall, the well will fill
Collect on eaves and window sill
Into barrel large droplets rolled
While ink still drips

While there are still soils left to till
And the farmer still has the skill
To reap before the earth grows cold
Not premature, nor on vine too old
The hunt doesn’t end with the kill
While ink still drips

T J Therien

the not so invisible problem

I have been back in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (my Hometown) for two weeks now and I have noticed Homelessness is far worse than it was when I left 12 years ago. I have taken the time to speak to several people who are living on the streets and it breaks my heart. The City has taken a hardline stance on the Homeless. They are chased off the property of City Hall. I spoke with a former politician who wished to remain nameless and he said they shouldn’t be, that they have the same right of access to public property but this is not the case.

The shelter system is not a safe environment. People are robbed and beaten in the shelters. Some of the people I have spoken to have said they feel safer on the streets than in the shelters.

A homeless person cannot lay down on a park bench or on the grass in a park without getting chased away leaving only the sidewalk so long as they don’t impede traffic.

I think it is sad that the homeless are being treated as they are and the problem only seems to be getting worse.

Yesterday I saw workers of the city outreach program speaking with a homeless person when the police showed up to chase the man away, or arrest him. It’s ridiculous that two arms of the same municipal government are not working to achieve the same goal. In fact one only seems to counteract what the other is trying to do.park bench

I point the finger of shame at my city for failing in it’s social obligation

The Chicken or the Egg

“What came first, the chicken or the egg,”
The mental illness or the homelessness?

Tell me, how many sane people
Have wound up on the streets,
Through no fault of their own,
Only to be driven mad by
Loss of dignity and looks of derision,
Sleep deprivation and hunger,
By nights below freezing,
By the drip, drip, drip of rain on the forehead,

You want to talk waterboarding?
Spare me your false outrage
When you speak about torture,
When Gitmo and Abu Ghraib
Look like the Park Plaza
To the guy shivering and starving on the corner

There’s a War going on alright
And Humanity is losing the fight

You know I’m beginning to think
It would be more humane to
Euthanize those that fall on misfortune
Than subject them to the cruel and unusual punishment
They are forced to endure at the hands of our apathy

Just remember my friend, you are one misstep,
One set of circumstance,
One twist of fate away
From joining those you sneer at and spit upon

Nobody choses to be homeless!

T J Therien

The Word (Poetry Slam)

I slam Islam,
Christian Right,
Jewish State
And Palestinian Plight
I slam
Jihad and Crusade,
Religious division
And killing in God and Allah’s name
I slam
Prostitution of the Word
False prophet
Preaching hate,
I slam
The raised fist
White knuckled rage
And gospel of Kalashnikov
I slam
The manipulation of the message
To serve fundamentalism
While abandoning fundamentals
I slam
Pope, priest mullah and rabbi
That don’t seem to understand
The Word is about Love and Acceptance
I slam
Suicide bombers that kill innocent children
I slam
Those that twist Bible, Torah and Koran
I slam
Religious extremists of all stripes
I slam Islam
Christian Right
Jewish state
And those that deal in black and white

T J Therien