3 thoughts on “Alberta Tar Sands”

  1. It is so ironic to read and hear about how this province is such a contradiction since folks I know there are so respectful of the environment…it is just the greed and money $$$ mongers that seem to care less. Am I getting this wrong?

    1. yup it all boils down to greed by big corporations, sponsored by a government clinging to old technology… which is sad. The country that comes up with a reliable source of clean and safe energy will be the next world power… ironic, the extinction of dinosaurs and our own dinosaur mentality will probably be our own extinction. Global Warming is real… look at the freak weather we’ve had in the last two years… Alberta is dealing with more floods this week. I spent a year in Calgary in the 90’s and there were never any flooding issues… go figure… Scientists are predicting that there will be global crop failures up to 30 percent of the worlds crops every year starting in the next few years and there is now no preventing that from happening… Seasons are going to become unpredictable. It really is sad and short sightedness on our part… and our federal government just OK’d the Northern Gateway despite what scientists, environmentalists, Native Americans have all said… Sad, Sad, Sad… and for what? So Oil companies can pad their pockets…

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