A Call For Reviewers.

A call for Reviewers… are you interested in reviewing a book, do you know someone interested in reviewing books???

The Scrolls of Sion

I would like to call upon any Reviewers who would like to read and review “The Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen” T J Therien. I am looking only for honest reviews of the book, so if you don’t like the book it is fine, explain why and don’t cross personal lines. If anyone is interested please contact me on my facebook page, or by email and I will send you a code for a copy of my book on Smashwords.

Feel free to share this post among your friends. Let’s get the word out there. I would like to have a couple of reviews before I run my next promotion.

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1 thought on “A Call For Reviewers.”

  1. Haven’t forgotten, T.J. but life has been oober busy of late, was about two thirds through Scrolls of Sion when last I picked it up, will review when finished. I am still tremendously grateful for the opportunity and loved being so privileged to have a copy at the editing stage.

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