Cover Reveal for Love: Lost and Found

Pamela is coming out with a new poetry book and she’s revealing the cover… stop by and give her a little love

Poetry by Pamela

I’m so excited about the cover for my new book. I know I’ve been talking about this for quite a while now, but it is all coming together very quickly now.

I had a friend help me by photoshopping some images together to create the picture. He was great at coming up with exactly what I could see in my head (and trust me, that is no easy thing to do). And then I have another friend (she is actually someone who does most of the graphic design work for me at work) who created the final cover. I think they did a great job.

I am hoping to have this ready to publish on Kindle this week and then available in paperback within a couple of weeks.

Please share this cover and help me promote my latest poetry collection.

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Book Review Challenge Series – The Importance of Book Reviews by Lizzie Lamb

last day for tips from Rosie…

Rosie Amber

Last Day

Our last guest post on the Book review Challenge before we hand over to you the reader is author Lizzie Lamb. Plus authors might like to step around the fence to the book reviewers side and take a look.

Lizzie Lamb New

1)     How important are book reviews for an author?

Very important. Not only do they let writers know what their readers (the genuine ones, that is) think, they give readers feedback to see if the book is something they might enjoy and download. Reviews also help to keep a writer’s profile ‘up there’ with Amazon. They ‘ping’ with the SEO machine and make sure that writer doesn’t get forgotten by Amazon’s big publicity machine.

2)     What are the top sites for book reviews?

I must admit that I don’t search these types of sites very often so I really can’t say. Sites like Novelicious and Love Reading, for example…

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The Vast Majority

We trudge, we trudge, we trek, we slog
We are mired down by this bog
Our boots are stuck in mud and muck
Children of Karma and bad luck
Construct a world of dog eat dog

We walk around, head in a fog
Entries in the captain’s log
Until our mortal husk is shuck
We trudge, we trudge

We’ve forgotten the dialogue
Of Love, church, mosque and synagogue
Prescribe to a bit of nip and tuck
When bullets fly, learn how to duck
An endless supply of vital cog
We trudge, we trudge

T J Therien

At the Jazz Festival

jazz downtown 012

Listening to some old time Jazz,
A little swing and razamanaz,
Cool music on a hot summer’s day,
The feet be shuffling while hips sway,
Blaring sax, trumpet and clarinet,
Banging it out on the keys in the cabaret,
Sliding it out on old trombone,
Orchestra and Benny Goodman Clone,
The snazzy beat kept by the drummer,
Ain’t nothing better than Jazz in the summer

T J Therien

Photo of the Galaxy Orchestra by T J Therien

On Arriving in Toronto

I forgot how much this city stank
Pungent, potent, raw and rank
Fume from tailpipe and car exhaust
Sick to my stomach, cookies tossed,
For too long I’ve breathed fresh air
And so my lungs could not prepare
For the all-out assault of sinus
Of nostril filled with smell of anus
Idled engine and congested traffic
Smog like fog, gross and graphic
Mirrored skyline, crisp and clean
Perfumed by the scent obscene
Air so thick it’s hard to breathe
Makes me want to wretch and writhe

T J Therien

(Spent last night on the bus travelling from Montreal to Toronto. I’ve been away so long I forgot what the air quality was like. Well I’m here now, I’m going to make the best of it. After spending 10 of the last 11 years caring for elderly relatives, deceased mother and uncle, I have done my best and my share, emotionally and physically I cannot do it anymore I am going to do what is right by me and put myself first for a change and pursue my writing. If that makes me selfish or a villain, so be it.)