Choices; a Tale of Two Roads

This journey, my friend is life,
This road we walk is one we pave,
This fork in the road is of our making
And we are forced to make a decision,
Do we take the high road, or the low road?

We can give in and take the easy way,
The one that offers the least resistance,
The one that avoids the difficulty of doing the right thing,
Or we can take the high road,
And trudge as gravity tries to push us back down

If you are not conflicted and entangled
In a jungle of emotion,
That sometimes chokes off light,
Then, my friend, you have chosen the low road
And that road leads no where

If on the other hand, you slog through bog,
Are caught in thick undergrowth
And shadows cross your path,
Then my friend you have chosen the high road
And though your efforts might not be recognized,
You have made the right choice,
Your reward will be a clean conscious
And a friend found in the man in the glass

T J Therien

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