A New Category for this Blog

I’ve decided to use this space to explain my thoughts about all things “Writing” from time to time. This is not something I do comfortably. I am self-educated in the ways of this craft. My formal education ended when I was fifteen and barely able to read and fill out a Job Application. So as you can see I have no right to claim any authority on the matter, yet I have accomplished more than most people have when it comes to the Written Word. I have risen from my humble illiterate roots and by my own ingenuity I have written a large Anthology of my Poetry and I will be self-publishing my first Novel on May 25th. I have also performed on the Spoken Word Circuit in Toronto in the 90’s, including such venues as the El Mo Combo. (The same stage a little band, The Rolling Stones, have also played on.) So while I may not have a diploma, I do feel I am somewhat qualified to speak on the subject.

How often I do this is still to be determined and will probably be when inspiration strikes me. Topics will vary, but they will all be related to writing and processes. I will post these articles, as I have this one, under the Category, “On Writing.” I am hoping committing the words will also provide me insight into my methods. It is as much for me I do this as it is for you.

T J Therien


4 thoughts on “A New Category for this Blog”

  1. What a great idea! I look forward to reading more on this topic. You are way too modest, your anthology of poetry is awesome! A great companion for me on my Kobo reader especially when I need to unwind from tough shifts at work. Now as for illiterate..I’d like to have a smidgen of your vocabulary!

    1. thank you very much. I’m re-formatting “Liars” to try to make it a little more appealing on the inside… my vocabulary was acquired by keeping a dictionary as reading material in the bathroom for almost 20 years… so I literally have a crappy vocabulary. lol… I hope to do one post on writing (from my point of view) once a week…

      1. Cool…maybe I could pick your brain some time on choosing some poems to publish…and writing a book…or series of short stories …and btw your reading room paid off…{chuckles}

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