A Night with the Fay

How could I resist the chance to lay
Beneath sky and willow with the Fay
Lady of the lake, maid of the mist
The object of my summertime tryst
I kneel in her temple and pray

And beautiful Fay would have her way
Beneath willow branch that dance and sway
As I kiss the inside of her wrist
How could I resist

She bathes me in the calm of her quay
Baptize my eyes with the ocean spray
Feeds me from sweetest lips ever kissed
While our limbs entwine and torsos twist
I try to leave, she begs me to stay
How could I resist

T J Therien

(From “Liars, Hypocrites & the Development of Human Emotion by T J Therien)


3 thoughts on “A Night with the Fay”

    1. any visit from you is much appreciated… for the record, I’m not good at juggling squirrels either 🙂

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